The Perfect Gunfit


The Pro-Fit system is designed to be adjusted in a variety of ways to give the perfect fit to any shooter.


Length of Pull

The standard stock system has a variation in length from 340mm to 400mm (13.25" to 15.25") and is altered by the use of length spacers within the pistol grip. If you require a length outside this range we can make this at no extra cost.


Comb height adjustment

We are able to accommodate any requirement of height for the comb, especially for those shooters needing additional height to compliment a high rib.

The comb shape is of particular importance with the standard comb depth being a minimum 25mm (1") to maximise comfort.



The adjustment for cast is achieved in two ways:

 1. The comb is adjustable from centre of +/- 15mm at both front and back of the comb.

 2. The butt plate is fully adjustable for cast as well as drop giving a vast range of movement.

In addition to the standard range of adjustments we are also able to offer bespoke adjustments for specific requirements.



The pitch of the Pro-Fit system comes as standard with a zero pitch. It can be adjusted by +/- 4mm by the inclusion of adjustment plates.


Recoil Pad

The Pro-Fit stock is supplied with the latest technology micro cell recoil pad which offers the best recoil absorption available. The pad can be specified at time of order to be 10 / 15 / 20 or 30mm.


Recoil Reduction

The ergonomic design of the Pro-Fit stock has been specifically engineered to minimise recoil force felt by the shooter. The unique design and material evenly directs the dissipation of the recoil force throughout the body of the stock and the recoil pad.

This makes a very smooth shooting stock which offers the shooter a very comfortable experience.

In the event that a customer is particularly affected by recoil, unlike other similar stock systems, we are able to fit the Pro-Fit stocks with a recoil reducer. This recoil reducer is the highly regarded ISIS II system.


Weight balance

The Pro-Fit stock system weighs as standard 850g and has been targeted to compliment most manufacturers standard stock weight offering a point of balance the same as specified by the shotgun manufacturer. Should the stock want balancing outside of these parameters the Pro-Fit stock system offers a range of weight adjusters that can be used to adjust the gun's point of balance.


Models Available


The Pro-Fit system is available for the range of models listed below. This range is being added to continuously and if you find that the model you are interested in is not yet listed then please contact us for availability.


We are not only interested in producing the mass produced models and will consider any shotgun model no matter how unusual or rare.


Models  -  all available in Right and Left


    Beretta DT10                      

   Beretta DT11                      

   Beretta 692                         

   Beretta 68 series                





   Armi Salvinelli                     

   Caesar Guerini                    





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