The Perfect Gunfit

Pro-Fit offer a choice of grips to give the shooter the perfect solution.


 The Standard grips for the Pro-Fit system have been designed to replicate the standard grips offered by the shotgun manufacturers.



Alternatively, Pro-Fit offer a unique bespoke option on the pistol grip.


These custom moulded grips are available to all shooters worldwide for a perfect shooting experience.

Customers can visit our production facility in the North of England or we can arrange for a moulding kit to be sent to customers or dealers worldwide for the bespoke fitting.

This moulding kit is supplied on a master grip to fit the customers gun and posted to the customer or dealer. The moulding master is then heated as instructed and a mould of the customers hand can be made. The process can be repeated if neccesay and the resultant mould is then returned to us.

Once received by us the master is cleaned up and then scanned to produce a master file for the customers hand dimensions and the final bespoke pistol grip produced.

The resultant bespoke grips are unique in their accuracy to the customers own hand and the resultant perfect fit produces a gun mount that is noticeably perfect.

For more information on how you can benefit from a Pro-Fit custom grip please contact us directly.

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