The Perfect Gunfit

Adjustable Comb fitting


For those shooters who prefer to shoot with their existing wood stock but want to have an adjustable stock we are able to offer a conversion service.

Customers can send us their stocks and we will convert the stock as required and return the stock with a turnaround time of 5-7 days. The standard height of the adjustment posts is approximately 20mm. however we can accomodate most requirements outside of this.

We offer a choice for the hardware used in the conversion, either a traditional brass fittings or a lightweight option in aircraft grade aluminium. The brass option adds approximately 100g to the weight of the stock and the aluminium option adds a negligible 80g.


The cost of the comb conversion is £175 plus carriage. UK carriage £8.50, worldwide from £10.50. 


Please contact us by email or telephone +44 7876 335557 to discuss your requirements.




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