The Perfect Gunfit


Who are we

We are a family business located in the North West of the UK and together have more than 60 years of shooting experience.


David Connor

David is responsible for developing and producing the Pro-Fit system together with a team of machines and computers. Building on his background of an Msc in Manufacturing, David has brought the benefits of modern manufacturing and materials to rethink a traditional product.


Michael Meggison

Michael is passionate about shooting and gunfit and became a qualified coach in 1972. He has represented Great Britain in 2 Olympic games, 1980 and 1984 and is currently challenging for a place at this years commonwealth games. He is the only person to have won British Championship titles in all 3 firearms events (pistol, rifle and shotgun) and it is this wealth of experience that has driven the design of the Pro-Fit system.


The development of the Pro-Fit stock is the result of our constant drive for the perfect gun fit which is essential for a competitive shooter to reach their true potential.


We welcome contact from customers directly by phone and email and we are always happy to give help and advice.

If you want to reach your potential then a Pro-Fit stock will help you on that journey.



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