The Perfect Gunfit

Welcome to Pro-fit stocks, the completely adjustable stock system for the perfect gun fit.


What is Pro-Fit

The Pro-Fit stocks are fully adjustable stocks, available for any model of shotgun giving superb handling to any gun and reducing recoil through its unique design. The stocks are ideal for shooters of all disciplines and at any level of experience. View specification


What is unique about Pro-Fit

The unique ergonomic design gives maximum comfort and can be further personalised with the custom moulded grip option  


Who are Pro-Fit Stocks

The Pro-Fit stock system has been designed and manufactured in the UK. Learn more "about us"


What does it cost

The complete Pro-Fit system is available for £895 with no hidden extras, representing incredible value for money compared to other products available and is backed by a 5 year guarantee.


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